5 Full body cardio workouts good for you

Well, if you haven’t been doing cardio yet you are making a big mistake. Cardio workout is really important and will help you stay fit and healthy.

In case you did not know what cardio workouts are good for you then you are in the right place. To help you out, below in this article I have covered 5 cardio workouts that will work on your entire body.

Mountain Climber

You don’t really have to worry a lot since you won’t be climbing any real mountains obviously. Here what you will have to do is touch the ground with your hands and keep your legs and back in a slant pose. Now move your right foot near your chest and keep the left leg straight.

Now what you have to do is switch the legs as quickly as possible while making sure your core remains engaged. Keep doing this for at 15-20 reps before moving on.

Plank to Push-up

For this cardio workout as the name suggests you will have to start in a plank pose with your forearms on the floor. Now all you will have to do is elevate into a push up pose.

Remember that you will do it one hand at a time. Once you do that move back into a plank position. Do this at least 10-15 times for each arm and remember to switch arms as you do it.

Tuck Jump

If you love jumping exercises then you will definitely love the doing the tuck jump. What you have to do here is firstly stand up straight while keeping your knees a little bent and once you are in that pose you have to jump.

While jump bring your knees near to your cheat and put your arms straight out in the front and while coming doing put your arms back down. Do this at least 10-15 times and try and jump as high as you can.

Standard Burpee

One workout that is very effective but most people tend not to like is the standard burpee exercise. Here what you have to do is begin in a low squat pose with your hands touching the ground.

Now you have to kick your legs back and move into a push up pose and then return to the previous position quickly and then jump as high as you can before returning to the squat position once again. Do this for at 10 times.

Push Up Burpee

This cardio workout is very similar to the one I mentioned above except that it is a slightly more advanced exercise. You will have to start like you did for the previous one.

The only difference is that once you are in a push up position you will have to do a push up every time before you go back to the squat position and jump. You should do the push up burpee at least 8-10 times before you move on.

5 Excellent Cardio Based Warm up Exercises

In case you are looking for a way to improve your heart functioning, burn calories and also build strength then you should definitely consider cardio workouts. Cardio workouts can play an important role in helping you maintain your health and can keep loads of diseases away.

So in case you plan to start cardio workout from today below I have covered a few warm up exercises that I personally love to do before hopping on my rowing machine (read about the best rowing machine here)


If you thought skipping was just for children then you are wrong. In fact skipping is a great way to get warmed up before an intense cardio workout. All you have to do is lift your left knee near to you hip and then lift your right hand over your head. Start with the skipping motion and then keep changing your hands and legs after a few jumps. You should do around 10-15 skips and jump as high as possible.

Climbing Stairs

I am sure many of you may not know this but climbing stairs can also help you get warmed up for your cardio workout. All you have to do is climb and get down the staircase. Make sure you do it at a brisk pace until you start sweating. You should climb the whole length of the stairs so that there is less turning as it will help you avoid feeling dizzy. Try and take the stairs every time you get home or are at the office to maintain fitness levels.

High Knees

This warm up exercise as the name suggests is about lifting your knees. All you really have to do is stand straight and create some gap between your feet. Once you do that you just have to lift your left knee as high as you can and then put it back on the ground. After this do it with your right knee and keep doing it for about 25-40 seconds straight without stopping.

Alternate Leg Bounding

Well for this warm up exercise you are going to need a good amount of straight space so make sure you find a place like either a hallway or a track before you attempt this warm up since you will need to move forward. Here what you have to do is stand straight and then lift your left leg and then reach ahead for your knee and then jump and land on your other foot. Jump a far as you can. You should do at least 10 of these jumps.

Butt Kick

Well this literally means kicking your butt, not in a bad way though. To complete this cardio warm up exercise all you have to do is jog where you’re standing and while doing that you need to kick your heels back towards the glutes. An important thing here is that the force should come from your hamstrings. You should continue to do is warm up for at least a minute before you go ahead and start your cardio workout.