5 Cardio Workouts for your Arms and Core

There are loads of cardio workouts than can help you build your arms and core. In case you did not know what cardio exercises they are and how to do them you are in the right place because here I am going to tell you about 5 cardio exercises that you should do in case you want to focus mainly on your arms and core.

Jumping Jack Planks

For the jumping plans cardio workout you will have to begin in the usual plank position i.e. your shoulders should be over the wrists and your body should be absolutely straight. Just remember that your feet should be kept close to each other.

Once you are in the right pose start doing jumping jacks with your legs moving them sideways and back close to each other. You should do this at least 10-15 times before moving on to the next workout.

Power Punch

If you are a boxing fan then you will definitely love this workout. Here what you will have to do is stand with your legs and also your shoulders slightly apart and also with your right leg a little ahead of the left. Keep your fists up and your elbows inwards.

Now that you are in the right pose punch the fist that is nearest to the body while turning your torso. Punch at least 10-15 times before you shift your stance to the other side.

Flutter Kick

Once you are done with the 2 Effective Cardio Workouts given above note that the flutter kick is moving to a higher level. For this workout you will have to lie down on the floor with your arms to your side and your legs straight.

Once that is done elevate your heels off the ground, about 5-6 inches should be fine and then start kick up and down. You should do this for at least a minute. Just make sure that your core is committed as well. In a world of uniformity and disposable fast fashion, Pitango Bike is pioneering a return to beautifully crafted, high quality, stylishly designed bespoke bikes for men and women.


In case you wanted another boxing movie here it is, the uppercut. This is quite similar to the previous one. You need to begin by taking up a stance similar to the one you took earlier.

The only difference being that this time you will have to punch the back fist in an upward direction liking you are punching the sky. Continue doing this for 25 seconds and then switch to the other fist. You can also try a 102 power punch combo.


I am sure many of you may have already heard about this exercise before and most of you may have also tried it at some point of time. You will have to lie down with your knees near your chest and hands behind your head.

Now all you have to is imagine you are riding a cycle and start pedalling. You should continue to pedal for about 1 minute before you stop. If you can carry on a little longer do not stop.