5 Great Cardio Workouts for your Legs

If you thought cardio workouts are only related to heart and lungs you are wrong. In fact cardio workouts are a great way to tone your leg muscles too. Below in this article I am going to provide you with 6 really good cardio workouts that will help you tone your legs and strengthen your knees too.

Squat Jump

The squat jump is not very different to the normal body weight squat. In fact you need to start with a normal squat where you need to keep your heels on the floor and bend the hips and knees until your thighs become parallel to the ground.

If you’re planning to use weights then make sure you have a good pair of weightlifting shoes to provide the support and balance that is needed for a good lift.

Once that this done immediately jump up while you rise and put your arms over your head. You need not be very fast, do it at a brisk pace. You should do the jump squat at least 10-15 times.

Box Jump

For this leg cardio workout you will need a big box. The box should be big enough so that you can jump on it without missing it and should be tall enough so that it takes you at least some amount of effort to get on top of it. Once you have the right box stand in front of it. Now with your legs and shoulders apart jump onto the box and once you land properly on the box get back on the floor. Jump at least 10 times.

Frog Jump

The problem with frog jump is that it is not as simply as you may think. You will need to firstly squat down and touch the floor with both of your hands. Just make sure that your arms are straight and not bent. Once that is done all you have to do is jump into the air and lift your knees as high as you can before you touch the ground. You should do at least 10-11 frog jumps.

Step Up

No you do not have to go watch the movie. For this cardio workout you will firstly need to search for a hard elevated surface. Once you have found the right surface you have to keep the right or left foot on it and they lift yourself on it till your leg is straight.

Make sure the power for the lift comes from your hamstrings and the glutes. Once you are straight come back down. You should to this at least 10 times for each leg.

Single Leg Hop

Well if you love rabbits then this is the perfect exercise for you. In fact you will have to hop like one. For this cardio workout you have to stand on your right leg and jump ahead and land on the floor on the same leg. Make sure you jump as far as you can. Keep alternating between both your legs with every jump. You should do the Single Leg hop at least 10-15 times before moving on.