8 WoodWorking Hacks to Make Your Life a Little Easier

If you’ve been woodworking for any kind of amount of time, then you most likely have actually encountered these regular problems from time to time. In the video clip that we’ve shared today, Mark shows 8 impressive hacks as well as techniques that you can utilize making it a bit much easier to finish your projects promptly and without mistakes.

Right here’s the initial Hack.

Hack # 1: Don’t have the best drill bits size

Cut the head off of a nail, put it on the drill and use the nail as the drill little bit to pierce in the piece of wood. It works wonderful even with wood workpieces.

What did you think?

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Top 5 Accessories That You Get With Your Router Table

So, you just got a router table and also it’s remarkable. However, I can wager you that you forgot at the very least 3 of the top 5 accessories that can assist you get better cuts and also make the most out of your router table.

Then you could read about the finest router tables at routertablereviews.net, if you still haven’t obtained a router table.

If you’re not exactly sure exactly what they are after that here I have actually compiled a listing of the top 5 router table accessories that are an all time favorite of mine and will help you take your woodworking projects to the following level.


Often after that you need to have an insert plate incorporated right into your router table if you’re intending on utilizing numerous little bits.

The very best part concerning having an insert plate is that instead of needing to work below the table to alter bits, you could simply stand out the plate to your degree as well as working from a hassle-free sight as well as functioning room.

Most put plates are priced from $25-$ 100 and it is advised to get it from the same brand that you acquired the router table from.


These are generally steel channels that you install in your table to make sure that you could easily mount the plume boards as well as provides you much more control over how you deal with your stock.

These are valued from $10 as well as it actually does not matter from where you get them as they’re basically the very same thing. The only thing that differs is the size.


If your router doesn’t have the rate control function, after that you could get it as an add-on to your router table. As soon as installed, all you should do is transform the dial and you can regulate the speed of the router at your will.

If your router does have a rate control attribute, then you might want to add the on/off button to your router table. This will certainly allow you to swiftly switch over power to your router without needing to go right to the plug.

While the various other devices are good-to-have, I would highly suggest you to get one of these as a precaution. You should be able to promptly close down power in case points fail.

You can easily obtain your hands on these type of control board for $25-$ 40.


When working with small items of lumber, maintaining control with a 20,000-rpm router could be a laborious.

A featherboard permits you to do just that. Its task is to apply stress to the workpiece and maintain it tough while the router is doing its task. You definitely do not want the item of timber to leap about as well as leap out of setting while you’re at work.


This one is an additional crucial add-on that I strongly suggest, maintaining safety and security in mind.

You need to guard your fingers and also various other important body organs from the little bit as well as any type of reducing we want need to be done on the work surface.

When working on your next large job, this little add-on makes certain that you’re safe.

The Ultimate Guide to Chisels and Gouges

Ever questioned just what’s the distinction between Chisels and Gouges?Well, here’s an outstanding infographic that covers everything you have to find out about Chisels and also Gouges. Exactly what they are, the best ways to utilize them, various variants they come in, etc. If you’re a woodworking nerd then you’re in for a treat.

Primarily, both tools contain a blade as well as a wooden take care of and also are used to shape and carve details right into timber.

When it involves Chisels, the sides are either outcannel or incannel, while gouges been available in two variations: Firmer and also Paring.

There are 10 various variations of Chisels:

  1. Back Bent Chisel
  2. Bent or Cabinet Chisel
  3. Firmer Chisel
  4. Edge Chisel
  5. Mortise Chisel
  6. Paring Chisel
  7. Glossy Chisel
  8. Fishtail Chisel
  9. Dogleg Chisel
  10. Butt Chisel

There are 10 various variations of Gouges:

  1. Back Bent Gouge
  2. Bowl Gouge
  3. Bench and Cabinet Gouge
  4. Fishtail Gouge
  5. Firmer Gouge
  6. Paring Gouge
  7. Spoon Gouge

Chisels and also Gouges 101: An Introduction to Basic Woodworking Tools

6 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Next Router Table

If you’re a serious woodworker, then you could not work without a good router table. A router table allows you to transform your woodworking projects into art.

Using various router bits, you could create a large range of grooves, forms and designs.

There are a couple of points that you need to consider prior to you acquire your initial router table.

1. Compatibility:

You need to ensure that the router you have is compatible with the router table that you’re interested in. It’s not something you have to fret about if you haven’t acquired the router yet, or you’re mosting likely to get them with each other.

2. A Sturdy Top:

It’s truly important to have the top as sturdy and as level as possible. This makes certain that the cuts are tidy as well as throughout the job item. A great top plate goes to the very least 1″ thick and also the product used need to be tough and also normally stiff.

3. A Good Base Plate:

Much like the top, the base plate too, must be inflexible, flat and also lug a strong develop. The top quality as well as the style of the base plate makes a substantial impact on the high quality of your work. A generally preferred material that creates a durable base plate is Machined Aluminum.

And also once again, the base plate needs to be compatible with the router that you’re intending to deal with.

4. Miter and also T Slots

You have to have these ports in position. Also if you’re not intending to buy any kind of accessories now, you will certainly require them to sustain your plume boards and accessories in the future.

5. A Good Fence

The fencing ought to be very easy to position and accurate to make sure that you can obtain tidy, premium quality cuts, just the way you desire them to be. When picking fencings, there’s a vast range of attributes as well as designs that you can get. They vary from the extremely standard blocks of wood clamped to the table surface area to complicated fences with different change functions.

Frequently, there are 2 categories of fences i.e. one item and also two-piece.

The essential advantage of a one-piece fence is that you do not have to stress over alignment problems. It’s a single item and also remains constant.

Now with a two-piece fence, you’ll have to take care of positioning yet it gives you the adaptability to work with little bits of bigger size.

6. A Strong Base

With router tables, it’s all about maintaining the work-piece constant as well as secured at the area you desire them to be which’s why all the key parts need to be solid and durable in make as well as construct as well as the base is no various.

Obtaining clean cuts with a shaky base is hard, aggravating and really beat the objective of getting a router table.

These are the 5 vital elements that you need to consider while getting your next router table.

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After that you could have an appearance at the Best router tables from Kreg, if you’re still confused.