First Degree Fitness Full Commercial E-520 Fluid Rowing Machine Review

If you are looking for a rowing machine that stands out as far as quality and efficiency are concerned then you should go ahead and purchase the First Degree Fitness E-250 rowing machine. With this rowing machine you can not only lose weight quickly but also tone up areas of your body that feel are out of shape.

This rowing machine was mainly created for commercial use and thus comes with excellent features that both professionals as well as beginners will find handy. You can find this rowing machine is most gyms

More about the manufacturer

The First Degree Fitness E-250 rowing machine has been manufactures by first degree and is known around the world for its fluid technology. Its rowing machines are built well and can last you for a very long time if taken care of.

Some of the other top rowing machines manufactured by First Degree are Pacific Challenge AR which actually more affordable than this model.


The product footprint of the E-250 is 75 x 28 inches. It comes with a water resistance system and you can switch between 20 different resistance levels. There are a total of 6 workout programs that you get with this rowing machine.

The materials used to make this rowing machine are anodized aluminum and steel. The weight of the rowing machine is 165 lbs. It is very strong and can take a maximum user weight of about 450 lbs which is actually quite impressive.


Assembling the E-250 rowing machine may take some time because it is heavy as compared to other rowing machines. Putting together this rowing machine can take you around an hour if you are doing it alone.

The best way to assemble this rowing machine is to get some help. A good thing here is that the manual will have all the steps needed to install the rowing machine properly.

The package will come with all the required tools and parts like the screws, knobs etc. With a little patience you will be able to setup the rowing machine comfortably.

Features Offered

One of the best features of this rowing machine is the 20 level resistance system that will help you get the perfect workout irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional. There is no rowing machine out there that offers so many levels of resistance. Changing the resistance level is quite easy. You can change the resistance level using the siphon system.

Another excellent feature of the rowing machine is the display screen. With the display screen you can easily keep track of your workout. It displays all the important information like distance rowed, stroke count, stroke speed, calories burned, distance covered and time. You can also transfer your workout information onto your laptop or pc using a USB drive.

This again is a feature that very few rowing machines offer. Cost of the rowing machine is also not very high so you should definitely consider it.